Archived February 4, 2014

Out in Our Community With the Stream Team!

On Saturday, February 1, 2014, 6 volunteers joined me at my volunteer event with the Stream Team. Together with other volunteers through Stream Team, we planted 228 new trees along the banks of Salmon Creek. My team contributed 28 volunteer hours to this cause. The project started in 1992 to restore 120 acres of land along 15 miles of Salmon Creek. For more information on this initiative and to get involved, visit the Stream Team's website.

Check out our photos below to see all the fun we had. For more information on upcoming volunteer opportunities in our community and to sign up for Marches event, sign up for my monthly e-newsletter by e-mailing me at

Thanks to everyone who came out to create positive change in our community!

Create a great day!

Erin E. Wright

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